Tuesday, 4 June 2013

An Open and Shut Case

What happened in South Africa between Oscar Pistorius and his girlfriend, sadly no one will ever know.  There will be much specutlation, I watched a pre trial fictional item on BBC where they raised the issues which may be discussed in court.  They spoke to her friends who repeatedly said they didn't understand the coupling, well thats love for you.  Maybe after a while he couldn't understand it either.  

posted fb 03/06/13

#124 Walk to Fame
Gated communities
Guaranteed security
Unless you are  a model
Looking for a break
With a broken man
Who made it
Look so easy
To deceive
Having us believe
His grief
Fake tears
Bottled up for years
The sympathy vote
Hanging onto his coat
Has her laying
From her lying
Caught out
Seeking fame
Chasing money quickly
Final Verdict

No one to blame

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