Friday, 24 May 2013

Time The Healer

Last week I decided in my infinite wisdom to leave my phone on the train.  I had left a phone on a bus 3 days earlier, that was recovered.  Maybe I was testing the honesty of Londoners.  I do remember not being gracious about the fact that the person had picked up the phone , not handed it in to driver (I know who does that). Then after 3 hours and many texts finally answering the phone and a 30 minute journey £10 later I was reunited with my phone.  

This time it is lost I have to accept that and move on.  Yes I had been using it as my notepad, it contained over 100 poems and my other random thoughts.  Unfortunately at least 20 were not published anywhere, and no I didn’t backup and no I don’t have a copy.   Hindsight that wonderful thing after the event ....

Posted fb 25/05/13

#113 Time The Healer

How quickly we forget
Last week I was in turmoil
Over the loss of my phone
Now I sit here without
Without feeling alone

What a difference time makes
It does really heal
Whether it is a numbness
Or an inability to feel

I have moved on
It is all just a vague memory
At the time I thought it was awful
Such a catastrophe.

I hope there have been lessons learned
New pages have been turned
I now look for the reason
I feel that somehow I have got off lightly
That brings an ironic smile to my face

These things we value
Are so easily replaced
Although when loss
We make all that fuss
Now I sit and reason
That I have enough

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