Thursday, 16 May 2013

Blackberry Abandoned

I left my HTC on a bus on Sunday at 08:00 by 12:00 someone finally decided to pick up and answer my frantic texts and many calls to the number. I collected my phone from to young women five miles away from the bus I had left the phone on. Now everyone says I was lucky.

Lets discuss this luck .

Firstly I left phone on bus

Then phone was found by someone . That was lucky

Person decided to take it home?

Ok no more luck

Not sure why they didn't answer my first call, no doubt deciding what to do. Well with a password and not the top of the range in HTC 's I guess their best bet was just to wait for me to phone for the 20th time answer then get me to take this burden off their hands.

Ok so testing all this luck everyone proclaimed I had I left my Blackberry curve on the train. To date no one has answered the phone. Whoever found it took the chip out immediately. It is on a Virgin Network good luck getting rid of that.

The worst thing all my half written poems were on there. I am hoping I will get some inspiration and they will come back to me. The poems not the phone. face it that's long gone....

Posted fb 16/05/13

#104 Blackberry Abandoned

I’ve lost my chai
I’ve lost my chi
I have lost my buddy
I am talking about my phone
No? No ordinary phone
Whenever I had a thought
It was there
Buttons at the ready
For me to commit my ideas
My dreams
I search high
I search low
Oh where did my friend go?
To think some other
Tips are on the buttons
Making a mockery
Of our special connection
I dial her
But I had to have her switched off
For her own protection
I hope she will understand
Find it within her Blackberry heart
To forgive me
For being so careless with one
So dear to me

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