Sunday, 19 May 2013

Being Forced to Bleach

Unconventional Beauty within the Black Community. I am considered to be an unconventional beauty, within most Black African Caribbean communities and in the Asian community. There is the leaning towards the lighter skinned women. If you fall outside of the conventional scale of shades you are considered less attractive less desirable, less employable, therefore in some cases ending in poverty.

That's why in so many of these communities the pressure is to bleach your skin to create a more acceptable hue. How sad. how disturbing how worrying. I fortunately live in a society where my complexion is just judged by my family and friends and have no real baring in regards to my employability and then the money I may potentially earn (Well I don't think it does.....)

posted fb 18/05/13

#106 Black Beauty Denied
He said I was beautiful
Yet he didn't know why
This beauty he felt he had to deny
With my dark black skin
This attraction for him was a sin
His programming had him confused
All his doctrine said I wouldn't do
Yet he had to admit
I was beautiful
He didn't understand why
I was the exception to the rule
Beauty is not normally found in this darken hue

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