Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Underground Music

Music everywhere, I like the idea of portable music I like the fact that you can have it wherever you go.  I have seen people with the largest of headphones then the tiniest of things which are discreet.  The pet hate of us all is that tinny feedback you get sometimes.  Sometimes you can hear enough of what the person is listening to make out what they are listening to enough to get get an insight to their personality.  

I think music is personal we like what we like based on our social background, our experiences sometimes we can’t even explain what we like or don’t have the words to articulate why we like something.  

I shamelessly have a passion for dancehall music, I like the heavy bass line, I like the way sometimes crude subjects are dealt with in a humourous  and often clever way.

On the train everyone has tuned out whilst tuning in to their personal music.  Is this a reflection of our transport system ?

Posted fb 21/02/13

#19 My Music
Music affects everyone the same
Everyone is protective to what they like
They feel they have to explain in case u think they're lame
I love the way music makes you feel
Lady rocking and bopping on the train
We were all envious we wanted to feel the same
She rocked she dipped
It was apparent she didn't give a....## as to how she looked
And who was staring this was clearly her jam, her hook
Alone in my car I become my own DJ my dashboard is like a turntable
I am like a baby discovering the world
I am lost in a bubble when I am jamming in my ride
I have all the greats on these cds
Some of them are lost and need to be retrieved from between the seats
I'm in charge sometimes there has to be an instant repeat
The people look on at the lights
I don't care I am a Joy Rider locked in my zone
Then I arrive home
An as-semblance of a normal life
I emerge the loving mother and the perfect wife
I look back for one last glance
Promising I will be back for another dance

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